CATALYST .AD · Conjunction Recordings 012 ("The Healing E.P.")
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Originally starting out as a DJ mixing dnb and UK Garage, Carnagous (car-nay-jus) began honing his vocal skills as an MC under the name Carnage.

Growing up on Soul, HipHop, Reggae, Ragga and Blues he easily gravitated towards Jungle and Drum & Bass with its deep subs and rolling beats.

Starting off as most do with small parties and home sets, his first break through was a prime-time Saturday slot on Abyss FM with his school friend DJ Art. They began playing at clubs around London such as The Cross (Charring Cross) and Bar Rumba to name a few.

A couple of years later he joined one of the first internet stations to exist and began working with many artists including Junior Buzz, Catalyst.AD and J Swif.

During this time, his passion for music took him into production starting off with hip hop. Mixing heavy classical tones with boombap breaks and hard vocals Carnagous created a small catalogue of tracks ranging from battle rap to political issues.

Still craving more, it was D&B and dubstep where Carnagous found his true passion for music. Drawing inspiration from the 80’s you can expect to hear something familiar yet unique in every tune with no two sounding the same.

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