CATALYST .AD · Conjunction Recordings 012 ("The Healing E.P.")
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DJ E has been around for a while now, almost 27 years doing his thing, supporting the deeper, darker side of Drum and Bass.
It all started 27 years ago on a radio station called Rude FM, where he played for 17 years, meeting many people whose graced the DnB scene, including Conjunction’s very own Catalyst and K.I.M. He then moved to Kool London where he is currently doing a bi-weekly show on a Monday night between 9-11pm for the last 8 years. He’s also played a number of guest shows over the years on a wide array of underground/internet radio stations.
Over this time, DJ E has played at a number of gigs around Europe and the UK, from Holland to Austria, to Belgium as well as up and down the UK, from Therapy Session to Renegade Hardware, and more recently being a resident at Tech Itch events around Europe and the UK.
He has also been busy producing and engineering his own tunes, as well as collaborations, and has had a slew of tracks released on many labels over the years, from his from vinyl release on Spectrum Audio, to releases on Renegade Hardware, and the mighty Technical Itch Recordings and Mute:8 Recordings where he continues to release music. He has also started his own record label ATTIK Productions, which has just had it 4th release.
We now welcome DJ E to Conjunction Recordings with a remix of Catalyst’s track Off the Chain, with plenty more in the pipeline!

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