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Being introduced to Drum and Bass / Jungle music in 1998 by her cousin inspired K.I.M. to listen to various radio stations (including pirate stations), such as: Soundz, Rude FM and Kool FM on a regular basis. At the end of the nineties when the darker side of the music began to evolve, she was blown away with some of the music being released from producers such as Ed Rush & Optical, Goldie, Klute, Digital and Spirit to name a few.

K.I.M. started to record radio sets, purchase jungle / drum and bass cassette tapes and rave tape packs. For her 15th birthday she was given Numark decks, that’s when she started to mix vinyl. Around 2001, she started going to events such as Renegade Hardware, Movement @ Bar Rumba, Tech:nology, Intent 2 Supply, Essence of Chi to name just a few and this gave her the inspiration to start progressing further with the music.

It was in 2003 K.I.M. was given the opportunity to host her own weekly Drum and Bass show on working alongside various MC’s such as Carnage and J Swif. This built up her confidence and she soon built up a fantastic rapport with the worldwide listeners.

In the following years regular playouts and residencies at local Drum and Bass events around Kent and South London (Organised Noize, Social Experiment and Armageddon), cemented K.I.M. in the South London Drum and Bass scene. From there she went on to play at other events such as Terraforms in Oxford which gave her the chance to promote her name further afield, she was then invited as a guest on internet radio stations such as UKBass Radio, Manorizm, Rough Tempo and Aaja Radio.

From being a fan of the music since the late nineties and witnessing the various evolutions and progression of the genre, K.I.M. has a varied taste of Drum and Bass which is reflected in her sets. You can however expect a particular preference towards the tech step and more atmospheric style of the music.

Whilst running the record label alongside her husband in recent times, K.I.M. has been picking up production skills and has naturally progressed seeing her dj-ing as a decent grounding on which to produce her own music and style. Collaborating on the title track with Catalyst.AD for the “One Time “ E.P. on Conjunction Recordings, she now enjoys honing her studio skills with an emphasis on quality over quantity, whilst continuing with her dj-ing she has taken a more steady approach to production focusing on perfecting the fundamentals to ensure that the final results deliver.

Recent playouts include Middleskool @ Bar 512, “From the Vaults”, Deptford and South London’s Rollercoasterz Promotionz nights. Whilst finding her feet in the production studio, K.I.M. still has a passion for dj-ing and continues to push her sound wherever possible. Expect to hear plenty more music in the future from this fan turned dj and now producer.

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